2024 Swiss Workshop on Materials with Novel Electronic Properties

Basic research and applications

Les Diablerets


Aug. 14th – 16th, 2024

The 2024 Swiss Workshop on Materials with Novel Electronic Properties is the thirteenth edition of a series of Swiss Workshops organized by MaNEP, formerly the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) on Materials with Novel Electronic Properties and now a Network at the Swiss level.

The meeting will bring together researchers working in Switzerland in the field of Materials with Novel Electronic Properties. The workshop is to act as a forum promoting research and applications in this area.

SWM 2024 will include the following topics:

  • Applications
  • Material growth
  • Out of equilibrium physics
  • Oxide interfaces
  • Quantum magnetism
  • Quantum materials 2D/3D
  • Superconductivity
The workshop is open to all scientists, engineers and students interested in these fields and gathers MaNEP Network members. It provides an outstanding scientific forum to share the last developments and offers networking opportunities.

Contact: swm@manep.ch

Invited speakers

Martin Eckstein (University of Hamburg, Germany)
Chang-Beom Eom (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
Berit Goodge (Max Planck Institute, Dresden, Germany)
Zurab Guguchia (Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland)
Elena Hassinger (Technische Universität Dresden, Germany)
Bharat Jalan (University of Minnesota, USA)
Meng Wang (Sun Yat-Sen University, China)
Matteo Mitrano (Harvard University, USA)
Franck Peauger (CERN, Switzerland)
Mathias Scheurer (University of Stuttgart, Germany)
Leslie Schoop (Princeton University, USA)
Libor Smejkal (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Germany)
Hiroki Ueda (Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland)
Xiadong Xu (University of Washington, USA)

Apply before Mon, June 15, 2020

Program overview

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Poster session - Information

The format of the poster is A0 portrait or landscape (1189mmx841mm).

In order to gather in advance the posters for the 1’ oral poster presentation, please send to swm@manep.ch by Tuesday August 13th, 2024 your poster, in PDF format, A4 size landscape, on maximum 1 page, mentioning the number of your poster.

You will find the number of your poster below.

Poster session 1 - Wednesday August 14th (18:00 - 20:30)

Toni ShirokaSignatures of skyrmion stripes in nematic superconductors 1-1
Chih-Ying HsuSTEM-EELS studies of interfaces between perovskite oxide membranes and single-crystal carrier substrates 1-2
Igor PlokhikhCharge order above room temperature in kagome superconductor LaRu3Si2 1-3
Giulia VendittiRashba coupling to polar modes in superconducting KTaO3 1-4
Sofie Castro HolbaekInterplay of charge density wave order and superconductivity 1-5
Hengli DuanAnomalous magnetic domain patterns in Kagome semimetal Co3Sn2S2 1-6
Ludivine FaustenQuantum sensing of correlated electrons in moiré hétérostructures 1-7
Silvan AepliThe Josephson effect in long, clean SNS junctions 1-8
Jennifer GrahamSuperconducting and normal state properties of the kagome system Ta2V3.1Si0.9 probed by muon spin rotation 1-9
Vadim GeshkenbeinSuperconductivity in Atomically Thin Films: Diodes and 2D Critical State Model 1-10
Dario RossiSchwinger boson study of the J1-J2-J3 kagome Heisenberg antiferromagnet with Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactions 1-12
Francesco LonardoStudies of the artificial flux pinning in ternary Nb3Sn multifilamentary wires with internally oxidized nanoparticles 1-13
Xiaohanwen LinUnusual magnetoresistance response in van der Waals antiferromagnetic semiconductor CrPS4 vertical transport 1-14
Fengrui YaoMoiré magnetism in CrBr3 multilayers emerging from differential strain 1-15
Jonas KnobelLong Ranged Proximity Effect in YBa2Cu3O7 - δ - Sr2IrO4 Thin Film Multilayers Revealed by X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy 1-16
Soohyeon ShinElectrical transport study near a zero-Kelvin metal-insulator transition of bulk nickelates Pr1-xLaxNiO3 1-17
Ivo GabrovskiNoncollinear textures in moiré magnets 1-18
Yann AlexanianDoping and temperature evolution of the pseudogap state of bulk electron-doped Sr2IrO4 1-19
Michael StraubThe puzzle of metallic and insulating phases in the CDW system 1T-TaSe2 1-20
Utso BhattacharyaLight Matters: HHG Spectroscopy of Solids 1-21
Changjae RohSurface symmetry characterization of SrTiO3(111) via optical second harmonic generation 1-22
Yuto ShibataTunneling conductance and spectroscopy at step edges in chiral triplet superconductors 1-23
Patrick SiegwolfScanning Nitrogen-Vacancy Magnetometry to Study the Origin of Exchange Bias in 2D van der Waals Heterostructures 1-24
Tejas Parasram SingarProbing the electronic structure of cuprate vortex cores by STM 1-25
Laurent BugnonSoft phonons in strained multiferroic TbMmO3 films 1-26
Kiryl PakrouskiWeak ergodicity breaking in multi-band fermionic systems 1-27
Andreas ØrstedTuning a CDW Phase Through Intrinsic Doping in Bulk ZrSe2 1-28
Xavier BoraleyFrustration-induced diffuse magnetic scattering in metallic HoInCu4 1-29
Baptiste DemazureApplying Coherent Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy to a Pulsed Magnetophononic System 1-30
Bruce NormandCalculating the complete spectral functions of quantum magnetic models and materials 1-31
Tariq LeinenProbing electronic excitations in the Shastry-Sutherland compound SrCu2(BO3)2 with resonant inelastic x-ray scattering1-32

Poster session 2 - Thursday August 15th (18:15 - 20:30)

Ilya CharaevBreaking new ground in quantum detection with SNSPDs: the search for light-mass dark matter and high-critical-temperature superconductors 2-1
Salony MandloiProbing mono- and few-layer 1T-TaSe2 with ARPES 2-2
Julio Antonio Larrea JiménezUncovering novel properties in RECo5 permanent magnets 2-3
Abhishek RannaProbing the superconducting gap symmetry of infinite-layer nickelates through electron irradiation induced disorder 2-4
Ellen FoghMagnetic and magnetoelectric properties of LiFePO4 2-6
Vasile Cristian Ciomaga HatneanProgress in the study of rare-earth silicate systems 2-7
Lorenzo PizzinoSimulating 2D-1D dimensional crossover with ultracold atoms 2-8
Xunyang HongInvestigation of charge order fluctuations in La1.675Eu0.2Sr0.125CuO4 2-9
Yuan WeiSpin-orbital excitations encoding the magnetic phase transition in the van der Waals antiferromagnet FePS3 2-10
Alexey KuzmenkoGeometrically, electrostatically and thermally tunable phonon polaritons in SrTiO3-based interfaces 2-11
Felix EderStructural studies on new, layered K--Cu--Te oxides 2-12
Giuliano EspositoInvestigating Strain-Dependent Magnetoresistance and Metal-Insulator Transition in LCMO Films at Cryogenic Temperatures Using Near-Field Techniques 2-13
Portia AllenQuantum oscillations in focused ion beam prepared microstructures of ZrSiS 2-14
Gianmarco GattiElectron-phonon coupling across a WS2/hBN van der Waals interface 2-15
Simon GerberImaging ultrafast electronic order fluctuations of Fe3O4 2-16
Lukas KorosecHighly anisotropic in-plane ferroelectricity in CaTiO3 thin films 2-17
Johannes MotrukOptical detection of a chiral spin liquid in transition metal dichalcogenide moiré bilayers 2-18
Noah BruggerQuantum sensor cryogenic search for dark matter in light mass range (QROCODILE) 2-19
Manuele BalestraSynthesis of Novel Materials Using Cubic Multi-Anvil High-Pressure Systems at the University of Geneva 2-20
Maria HerzBismuth-Rich Intermetallic Rods with Strong Spin-Orbit Coupling 2-21
Stefano GariglioGrowth of YVO3 thin films by pulsed laser deposition 2-22
Andras SzaboEntanglement spectrum across the semimetal-diffusive metal transition in a disordered Weyl system 2-23
Tancredi Thai AngeloniStrontium Vanadate thin films growth for optical applications 2-24
Bernhard LüscherThermodynamical Signatures in the Superconducting Haldane Model 2-26
Davide ValentinisSuperconductivity and magnetotransport in non-Fermi lquids: exact results from Yukawa-SYK lattice models 2-27
Ivan MohelskyTemperature dependence of the energy band gap in ZrTe5: Implications for the topological phase 2-28
Anna EfimovaA New Look on an Old Problem: Mass Enhancement in Fermi Liquids 2-29
Christoph RennerDetermining the nature and strength of proximity induced spin-orbit coupling in graphene by quasiparticle interference imaging 2-30
Wouter BosAn Ab Initio Study of Superconductivity in Mono- and bilayer Molybdenum disulfide 2-31
Dirk van der MarelSuperconductivity in metallic hydrogen2-32

Workshop location

The workshop will be held at the Congress-Center at Les Diablerets, in the Canton of Vaud. The participants will be lodged at the Eurotel Victoria and in nearby hotels. The Eurotel Victoria and the Congress-Center are about 10 minutes walk from the train station "Les Diablerets".

Eurotel Victoria
Chemin du Vernex, 3
CH-1865 Les Diablerets
Phone: +41 24 492 3721
Fax: +41 24 492 2371

E-mail: lesdiablerets@eurotel-victoria.ch
Website: www.eurotel-victoria.ch

Reaching Les Diablerets

Les Diablerets can be reached conveniently by car or by train. If you come by car, take the highway to Aigle and then follow signs to Les Diablerets. If you come by train, change train in Aigle and take the mountain train Aigle - Le Sépey - Les Diablerets. The Eurotel Victoria and the Congress-Center are about 10 minutes walk from the train station "Les Diablerets".
From Zurich and Geneva airports there are train connections to Les Diablerets. Check the Swiss Railway SBB-CFF-FFS website for time departures.

Program committee

Christian Bernhard (UNI-Fribourg) Chair
Mitaly Banerjee (EPFL-Lausanne)
Andrea Caviglia (UNI-Genève)
Johan Chang (UNI-Zürich)
Thierry Giamarchi (UNI-Genève)
Steve Johnson (ETH-Zürich)
Andreas Läuchli (PSI)
Marisa Medarde (PSI)
Titus Neupert (UNI-Zürich)
Christian Rüegg (PSI)
Carmine Senatore (UNI-Genève)
Manfred Sigrist (ETH-Zürich)
Fabian von Rohr (UNI-Genève)
Philipp Werner (UNI-Fribourg)

Organization committee

Ivan Maggio-Aprile Chair
Adriana Bonito Aleman
Pierre Bouillot
Gregory Manfrini
Jean-Claude Schnuriger
Natacha Triscone

Contact information

MaNEP Switzerland Network
24, Quai Ernest-Ansermet
CH – 1211 Geneva 4
Phone: +41 (0)22 379 30 64
E-mail: swm@manep.ch